BAT-Fire: Alula’s New Universal Fire Communicator

Dec 23, 2021 | Security

How many more jobs could you complete each week if each one took less time? Three? Five?

AiNGroup is proud to present Alula’s newest product, the BAT-Fire communicator, so you can now answer that question. This dual-path fire alarm control panel communicator is designed for versatility and near-universal compatibility with a range of products. Here are our top four reasons why the BAT-Fire is the perfect option for the established market.

Reduce Installation & Configuration Time

The BAT-Fire is simple to install and was designed to reduce integrators’ service times. It operates at either 12V or 24V by utilizing minimal current to ensure backup power requirements are met. It offers near-universal fire alarm control panel (FACP) compatibility with Contact ID, dialer-capture, and dialer-less FACPs. This allows you to spend less time on each job so you can complete more. Furthermore, you can simplify your day-to-day process by using a single communicator to connect with all panels with the Contact ID and dialer capture features.

Maximize Flexibility

The BAT-Fire communicator offers both sole-path cellular or IP and dual-path communications, making communication smoother based on your product capabilities and user preferences. It’s also equipped with dual Tip and Ring Dial Capture, as well as four programmable inputs and outputs with dual-path IP and LTE-M cellular technology that allow you to increase your RMR through monitoring auxiliary building system functions like HVAC and sprinkler flow control.

Meet Local Regulations

Every region has its specific set of regulations, and the BAT-Fire communicator is perfect no matter where you are. It’s easy to configure it to comply with the most recent UL & NFPA requirements. You’ll also be able to eliminate a variety of service hassles with remote programming, troubleshooting, and managed over-the-air firmware upgrades that keep your communicator working like new for years to come.

Save Money

Inevitably, the time of LTE/4G will soon come to an end, but the 5G-ready BAT-Fire looks to the future, so you won’t have to pay for costly upgrades. The BAT-Fire also comes with one of the industry’s best 5-year warranty contracts so you can protect your investments.

AiNGroup is proud to showcase Alula as a partner/dealer/distributor that continually delivers exceptional products. Whether you have questions about BAT-Fire, or you’re prepared to bring its FACP solutions to your company, contact us today to get started.