Board of Advisors


Control of your company’s destiny…
That is your goal.

Unlike publicly held companies that have to answer to Wall Street and investors relating to their companies’ stock prices and/or the prior year’s financial performance, AiN Group is a privately held LLC that is NOT owned or controlled by a large publicly held corporation. AiN is comprised of and governed by a non-equity Board of Advisors who are owners/integrators just like you. Our Board of Advisors makes or influences all major strategic decisions for the direct benefit of all Network members.
Geographic diversity is achieved with the participation of owners from North America and Canada; large, intermediate and secondary markets are all represented. In an effort to provide the opportunity for all owners/integrators to participate, 50% of our Board of Advisors rotates every three years. Dealer-comprised sub-committees make regular, formal recommendations to the Board of Advisors regarding two mission-critical categories: (1) National and Regional Builder Programs, and (2) Future Manufacturing Partners and Service Providers.