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No Cost No Risk Membership

If you qualify to become a member of the AiN Group, our approved dealers pay no monthly or annual fees to assume no risk for their commitment to AiN brands and services.

Best Volume Price Points and Buying Power

Purchase from our select manufacturing partners offering the top product lines new home buyers recognize, prefer, and trust.

No Cost/Lower Cost Marketing Support

The only dealer network offering you access to a full-scale, multi-media marketing department, with brochures, interactive smart home videos, trade show signage, and other custom marketing provided at no charge or at a significantly reduced cost, including printing.

Lower Your Operating Cost

Through the use of our outstanding lineup of service partners who offer AiN members business discounts on software, office supplies, insurance, and other daily and annual product and service needs.

Continuing Education

At our region-specific Lunch & Learn sessions, and at our renowned, members-only Live & Learn Conference, featuring industry experts, motivational speakers, and an unsurpassed amount of one-on-one networking time with dealers, manufacturers, and distributors.

Exclusive Incentive Programs

That will reward you and your company for your brand purchases and AiN Group distributor loyalty.

Unique Collaboration Between Dealers

Even when markets overlap.  Dealers advocate for one another and openly share best business practices, replacing competition between similar independent dealer members with sales success for the group as a whole.

A Complete Sales Powerhouse

Supplying everything your customers need to improve their home and their lifestyle, and combining all the unique AiN Group benefits into one no-cost membership.

National Builder Program

AiN Group represents a nationwide group of 300+ home technology integrators who are licensed, bonded and insured – experts installing home security, AV and home automation systems.

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