Nomo provides a turnkey platform that connects your customers to the best and most reputable solar sales experts, solar installation firms, and solar financing options across the country, giving them a way to seamlessly add solar to their homes, hassle-free.

In turn, this platform allows your company to generate additional revenue by marketing this new solar solution to your customers and piquing their interest in going solar through the Nomo process.


We Cover All Things ‘Renewable’

Residential Solar
Growing at an average rate of 34%/year, there’s no better time to take advantage of this ever-expanding market without any heavy-lifting.

Commercial Solar
Our partners handle every step of the process from design, proposal, financing, and installation.

EV Charger Installation
Nomo streamlines the transition to EV by offering a complete, step-by-step installation service, making the process effortless.

The AiN Dealer Advantage

  • Simple program registration
  • Informative onboarding process
  • Dedicated Nomo Account Manager
  • Custom branded landing pages
  • Targeted email templates
  • Physical & Digital marketing content
  • Dedicated partner portal to track lead flow
  • Integration within app

The Nomo Process

Your services, combines with Nomo’s ability to nurture and close solar leads, gives out partners a turnkey solution that can generate up to $3,000 per solar sale.

Monitor your customers going through the solar process with Nomo’s Partner Portal. Experience full transparency in the solar process at all times.

Registration is easy and the program’s automated tools and resources take care of everything you need to get started.

Nomo Makes Solar Simple

"Solar 101" Team Training

Expansive Coverage Area

Custom Branded Landing Pages

Partner Portal for Lead Tracking

Nomo is here to help.
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